3 Dec 2010

Modernist home for rent, anyone? High Cross House, Dartington, Devon, UK

High Cross House, Dartington Estate, 1932
This modernist building called High Cross House, built in 1932 by the Swiss architect William Lescase for Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst (members of the Bloomsbury Group), the patrons who established Dartington Hall and the College of Art. This is one of the best examples of modernist architecture in the UK. Built in the grounds of the Dartington estate, in prime Devon countryside. Inspired by the De Stijl movement and Le Corbusier with Bauhaus furniture: 

"Probably the most extreme instance in England of the functional type of house associated with the name of Le Corbusier." Christopher Hussey, Country Life, 1933

Dartington Hall was, for some time,  a significant meeting point for the international avant-garde. Artists such as John Cage taught there and the Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Tobey came from the West Coast of the United States to Dartington Hall and along with the St.Ives ceramicist, Bernard Leach travelled to Japan, where Tobey spent a year in a Zen Monastary in Kyoto. A rich history....                                                                                                   
                                                                                                    .....and Now                   

It is currently for rent for £2,500 or £600 a week, but you will have to be a fan of such modernist buildings, there is plenty of space and glass in this 4 bedrooms, roof terraced  and flat roofed home, originally built for the head masters. It has an Art Deco interior  and a great study with a curved glass wall. Look for more information on themodernhouse.net

High Cross House by Michael Young

The building is for rent because Dartington College of Art has now merged with University College Falmouth.


Elisha2010 said...

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David said...

A good point and it works for historic houses across the UK that have had some great significant writers or artists once living in them and are now left in trusts..